There are a lot of reasons why you and your family need a beautiful rug in your house. Rugs are very functional and versatile. They are comfortable to sit in, they provide warmth to the room, and they add to the aesthetics of the room. Think of a rug as art for your floors. People usually prefer rugs over carpeting, and we advise that too because it is not only easier to clean a rug, but you can always change it when you start getting bored. When it comes to shopping for rugs Melbourne, these are the key things you should have in mind.


Size is everything


  • Do not make the mistake of getting a rug that is too small for your room. Remember you should be able to fit at least half of your furniture on your rug, that is the ideal size. Getting a rug that is only big enough to fit a coffee table is a waste of a good rug, really.
  • If you have a very big room, you can get multiple rugs. They don’t necessarily have to be the same, but you can coordinate the colours and patterns.
  • Make sure people are able to walk over the entire rug.




  • Like we said, a rug is art for your floor, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone regarding a different colour. Chances are you will end up liking the whole look.
  • If you get a rug that have very loud colours and patterns, make sure your furniture doesn’t cover all that beauty up.
  • Make sure the colours and patterns of the rug don’t get dulled out by the furniture.




  • You should get professional cleaning done on your rug at least once a year. This is not only so that the rug stays in mint condition, but also for hygiene purposes since dust and bacteria get collected through time that don’t get removed with vacuuming.
  • Your flat weaves should be shaken outside from time to time.
  • Rugs that are made of natural fibres are naturally stain resistant, but if there is a huge spill on them, do not clean them with store bought detergents as this will destroy the natural fibres and texture.
  • Make sure you keep the cleaning instruction tag on since you will be referring it from time to time.

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