Tips for a Professional Email Signature

Have you ever started in a new position and after a while you suddenly realize that you don’t have an email signature? Then you try to relate to some coworkers’ signature for inspiration, but often they contain different content. Well, I know I have been in this situation. That is why I decided to make a list of some simple and neat email signature guidelines online signature maker.

While I have come across different signature mistakes, in my experience the following are the most common ones:

1. Writing too much

I find it useless to write about your company in your email signature. And who ever reads the email disclaimers? Unless your company has a policy that obliges you to have a disclaimer, I would avoid having one.

2. Including more than one phone number

Do you want to confuse me or make it easy for me to call you?

3. Using colors, special fonts and graphics

What’s the point of all that? And come on, don’t attach the logo of your company or your vCard to all your emails.

4. Using HTML formatting

It won’t appear the same way to everyone. If you have to use HTML, then test the signature in as many emails as possible.

5. Including the visiting address

Do you want everyone to come and knock at your door? If not include only your postal address instead.

6. Including a virus-checked message at the bottom of every email

I have one word for this, only one word: Annoying!

This is a simple e-mail signature template:

For first time email (This applies to people you have never met with, talked or written to)

Your name and surname
Your position in the company
Your company name and (if possible) website
A contact number you can be reached at
Your email address
Company’s social media accounts
Optional: Company logo (but do not attach it to every email)

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