Jun 022014

MobileDevicesGive ‘em their iPhones, iPads, Facebooks, Snapchats, even their blogs (like this one), and the proletariat (the masses) will become so enamored, obsessed and addicted, they won’t realize how miserable their plight really is.

At least that’s how I see what’s going on.

If you think the elite [bourgeois] are out of touch, think again. Nothing could be further from the truth. They [the bourgeois] know exactly what they’re doing.

First they placed the notions in our heads that we need to get a job, buy a home [with a big mortgage], raise a family, and build roots in a community? So that once we do, we’ll be stuck. No longer will we be free to pursue our true passions (whatever they may be), but instead, having bought into the so called “American Dream”, we’ll be inextricably coupled to our homes and families. In reality, we have less freedoms, not more!

Even our health care system has been designed with that same purpose [control] in mind.

Ever wonder why businesses in the US don’t object much to being burdened with the responsibility of insuring the health of their employees, and don’t lobby at all to have that responsibility dumped on the government like the rest of the free world.  You would think it would make companies more competitive around the world, and more profitable, but it also relinquishes control over employees.

And now that the “American Dream” is out of the reach of most people, they’ve got us hooked on our phones, our computers and all sorts of apps to occupy our minds.

It’s like when we were kids, and our parents would give us things [games, toys, etc.] to pass the time, to keep us from bothering them, or so we wouldn’t realize how long and boring a trip was.

And if you’d manage to get your noses away from your smartphones, tablets, or whatever, and look around, you’d understand.

I have, and I don’t like what I’m seeing!

Sep 272011

Admittedly it’s taken me 63+ years, but after reading James Altucher’s latest blog post, I’ve become enlightened.

Everything we’ve ever been taught, or told, our entire belief system, has been designed with one thing in mind, and that is to control our every action. It used to be religion was the only control mechanism (at least so I thought), but now that isn’t enough. It’s gone way beyond that.

From the idea of home ownership and raising a family, to the necessity of getting an education. Even the design of our health care system has all been designed for one purpose, and that is to change the way we think, and inevitably control our very being and every action.

It was L Ron Hubbard who said,

If you really want to enslave people, tell them you are going to give them total freedom

Think about it. Why is so much emphasize placed on the notion of getting a job, buying a home [with a big mortgage], raising a family, and building roots in a community? It’s simple, because once we do, “they” have us by the balls, so to speak. We’re no longer free to pursue the so called “American Dream”. We’re inextricably coupled to our homes and families. We can’t move, because we’ve literally established roots.

Even our health care system has been designed with that same purpose in mind. To control us!

I’ve often wondered why businesses don’t object to being burdened with the responsibility of insuring the health care of their employees, rather than having that responsibility dumped on the government. It certainly would increase profits. Or would it?

By tying health care to employment, employers have made it more difficult for employees to strike out on their own and compete [to pursue that "American Dream"], or even change jobs, because obtaining health insurance is either too expensive, or simply unobtainable for many due to pre-existing or chronic health problems. The current system allows employers to have greater control and influence over their employees, and artificially keeping wages down, by creating an immobile work force.

It’s a conspiracy on a grand scale, and the American public has fallen for it, hook, line and sinker.