Dec 022011

Two years ago, when I got my DroidX, I was all excited. The thought of being able to log on to the internet where ever I was, having access to GPS, my Kindle books, a camera etc. all in one convenient, compact device, seemed like a good idea, maybe even necessary and important.

But now I’m not so sure.

When I think about it, is it really worth $30 per month ($60 if you add in my wife’s Droid), to have access to the internet everywhere, especially when you consider I’m already spending $40/month for wifi access at home? I hardly ever use it, except when I am at home, and I’m too lazy to go get my laptop to check whatever it is I feel is so necessary to check. And why do I need a Kindle or camera on the phone, neither of which is a good substitute for the real thing? The GPS may be about the only thing that is a good idea, but is it worth $30/month, considering how little I use it?

We have become slaves to technology. We’ve been brain washed into thinking we need to stay connected every hour of every day. Some of us would rather spend hours in front of our computers discussing whatever, with strangers around the country and the world, who we’ve never met [GETTING FAT!], while others sit in front of the TV [GETTING FAT!] being bombarded with reality shows and political diatribes, designed to distort and confuse reality, and hide what is actually happening in our own backyards.

We use technology as baby sitters for our kids [who are GETTING FAT], when their time would be better spent outside playing a pick up game of baseball or basketball, or simply engaging their friends in conversation face to face, instead of texting on their smartphones.

I’m sure some people may find it useful, mostly salesmen and the like, but for me, and the vast majority of other people, it’s just plain stupid, not to mention non productive and a waste of money, and I think it’s time I got rid of my smart phone.

There’s no reason why a good old fashion [cell] phone can’t suffice for most of us. I think it’s time we started communicating more face to face, like we use to, instead of hiding behind our computers and smart phones. We certainly were a lot more civil to each other when we did.

Plus I can think of a lot better uses for that $30/month ($60 if I can convince Edie of the same), like a good bottle of wine.

  6 Responses to “To smartphone or not to smartphone?”

  1. Now hold on I’m all comfy in bed (electric blanket cabled up) catching up on you blog on my PHONE!
    I need my phone cuz I don’t drink. (have you been drinking?). Lol

  2. However, I do hate the damn spell check on my phone. My electric blanket is cranked up not cabled. See, how important this is?

  3. You might want to consider taking up drinking then! :)

    Most people only think they need their smart phones, and probably spend most of the time on their phones when they’re at home (I’m sorry to admit like me), and could just as easily use their home computer or laptop.

    I still haven’t decided yet, but will within the next two weeks. I am leaning towards giving it up though.

    Plus I still have my iPod Touch, if I feel the need to look at some tiny screen!

  4. I’m at a hotel ( negotiations) using my phone :-)

  5. Oh! Still you could [should] have brought your laptop! Of course that assumes they have wifi there.

  6. Meet me at Starbucks so I can text you about this.

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